Plotz Modeller for Minecraft

Plotz is an online voxel sphere generator and modeller helping players build spherical objects from square blocks in Minecraft. Plotz will create a hollow sphere (and now wizard towers and observatory models) of your chosen size and you can then step through the layers to see how to build it. Plotz will also print a full schematic including a 'ghost' of the layer below to help you position blocks. Plotz runs in Adobe Flash Player and is currently in beta. I hope it works well and you find it useful so you can impress your family and friends with your big balls.

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Plotz Voxel Sphere

Stepping through layers

Finished in Minecraft

New Wizard Tower Model

Plotz can now create Wizard Towers. You can set top floor diameter, number of floors and floor step. Adjust the floor step to control how steep the tower is. You can also add a side tower and set its height. Plotz models the walls, floors and roofs. Decorating the inside is up to you!

Wizard Tower model in Plotz

Wizard Tower in Minecraft

Wizard Tower in Minecraft

New Observatory Model

Plotz can now also create an observatory model based on the sphere of your chosen size. I've based my model on the Palomar Observatory and built one in Minecraft (see below).

Observatory model in Plotz

From the front

From the minecart track

More about Plotz

Plotz was written in my very limited spare time and is only my second Actionscript 3 project. Spheres are rendered as vector objects which is great for scaling but can be slow to render. If you're finding Plotz slow just be patient with your mouse clicks. The screenshot above is a 32x32x32 sphere I created in a day. During this process I got into the habit of each layer being 1 step (or more) out from the last but this isn't true for all layers. It was then I realised that a 'ghost' layer below would be very useful to help know where to position each new layer's blocks above the last so I quickly added that to the schematic print functions.

When building a voxel sphere in Minecraft, keep the inside well lit to stop zombies and skeletons spawning there. Make a walkway to enter from the top and keep adjusting it as your construction gets taller. That way you can see if there are any nasty creepers inside. Carry plenty of dirt with you to use as scaffolding and joining blocks for layers, then remove them later.

Plotz is hosted by Dick Dolby.